Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the Team!

Isn't it every kids dream to "make video games?" Unfortunately for most it's a stable career that prevents it from ever happening (hmm... or fortunately?). Let me introduce you to the team:

Chris - The driving force behind Dreams. He found himself unemployed in the Spring of 2009 and he has been working his butt off ever since. He did some schooling at the Art Institute of Seattle. However, that career thing got in the way for a few years. He is the artist, and his animation skills improved greatly with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Barry - He loves video games, but most on this board do right? Seriously though, he's hardcore and has a knack for ignoring reviewers and just playing what he enjoys. This is his first shot at level design and music and I like it.

Josh - Me, well, I went to school and got a CIS (Computer Information Systems) degree and work for software company supporting a couple database servers. The company is awesome to work for. I love programming - lets just say this is my hobby.

Couple other people - We also have a couple people working on concept/story art, and a couple "casual" gamers doing play testing.

Dreams of Witchtown - To be honest this is the first game - so it was a learning experience. It was made with Indie Game Builder. We have big plans for our next title (yet to be announced) and have already started programming the Torque X "engine" however he's starving and needs to get Dreams out asap! The story and characters are enjoyable, the gameplay is fun and addictive!

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