Monday, November 30, 2009

Story Art (Part 2)

We couldn't resist posting another concept story art piece. Our idea for using stained glass to introduce the story comes from a favorite animated classic Sleeping Beauty. Hope you enjoy!

Wikipedia Page!

Check out the Wikipedia Page

Trailer 2 Posted

Check it out here: View Trailer 2!
Meet a few of the enemies in Dreams of Witchtown the action RPG for XBox 360 Live Indie Games. As you defeat bosses throughout the game you will gain additional magical abilities and spells that allow you to overcome the final challenge! Just in time for the holidays and Christmas, Dreams has a beautiful winter environment where you will meet Icy The Snowman!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet Reed

Reed Lupin - Reed hasn't had a formal introduction until now. He has the job most kids dream about if they don't get to make video games. He manages a video game store! He loves his job, and has always had the gift of perspective. He's helping out with the concept and story art.

Concept Art for the Story

The team discussed several ways of presenting the story in the game. Here are some of the early concepts - you'll have to play the game to find out how it's actually presented!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Meet The Enemy (Part 1)

Look forward to meeting more enemies in the coming weeks!

Submitted Video to XBoxHornet's Video Vault

We just submitted the first trailer to The X Tube - XBoxHornet's video vault. We will continue to post our videos there since it is a great source for Xbox specific videos.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the Team!

Isn't it every kids dream to "make video games?" Unfortunately for most it's a stable career that prevents it from ever happening (hmm... or fortunately?). Let me introduce you to the team:

Chris - The driving force behind Dreams. He found himself unemployed in the Spring of 2009 and he has been working his butt off ever since. He did some schooling at the Art Institute of Seattle. However, that career thing got in the way for a few years. He is the artist, and his animation skills improved greatly with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Barry - He loves video games, but most on this board do right? Seriously though, he's hardcore and has a knack for ignoring reviewers and just playing what he enjoys. This is his first shot at level design and music and I like it.

Josh - Me, well, I went to school and got a CIS (Computer Information Systems) degree and work for software company supporting a couple database servers. The company is awesome to work for. I love programming - lets just say this is my hobby.

Couple other people - We also have a couple people working on concept/story art, and a couple "casual" gamers doing play testing.

Dreams of Witchtown - To be honest this is the first game - so it was a learning experience. It was made with Indie Game Builder. We have big plans for our next title (yet to be announced) and have already started programming the Torque X "engine" however he's starving and needs to get Dreams out asap! The story and characters are enjoyable, the gameplay is fun and addictive!

Announcing Dreams of Witchtown for Xbox 360 Indie Games

Introduction of a new fantasy gaming series featuring new exciting characters and unique visual and audio design coming in December from Gift

Gift is pleased to announce Dreams of Witchtown, a new fantasy action RPG for Xbox Live Indie Games. Staring Aurora, the magically gifted descendant of Witchtown, the game takes place in a beautiful 2d world and allows the player to build on experience to defeat progressively challenging enemies. The first trailer is up now showing a glimpse of the actual gameplay:

View Video Here